WeLoveFine Contest - round 2!
Heya, it seems there’s a rematch and there will be a final winner, not sure if they mentioned and I didn’t listen or it’s new. They finally announced the winners. Well, I didn’t win on the villain one, but my design got into the final round, and Twilight too from the pony side, and Tara Strong chose my design, I’m flattered :D

So yea, these two designs are up for voting again, if you wanna help me out there please follow the links and upvote them to 5 (as far as I know only those matter). You need to have a WeLoveFine account to do so, so if you are not uncomfy with it and wanna help me, upvote! :)

Twilight shirt design

Discord shirt design

Winning this competition would make me time to do some fanart and own projects as well. A bit of time would be pretty nice :)

Thank you again for the support!

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